This is me

I'm like many of you


Being a father of 2 lovely little girls, husband of Nicole, working and travelling for work, house, social life, I'm doing fine and enjoy life.

Now at the age of 47, luckily not affected from a mid-life crisis, but at the point where all things seems to matter and everything is extremely important, the sudden urge and need to prove myself (to myself?) on a sportive, competitive Level is stronger than ever.


Sports has always been and will always play an important role in my life.


Competing at Triathlons is slowly being replaced by enjoying longer events and enjoy the beautifull Swiss nature.

Competing in one of the toughest multisports events I know, you need to be prepared. I mean, really prepared.

The biggest challenge lies not in finishing the Gigathlon, but in the road to get there.

Time management in order to keep all the balls in the air; that is the real challenge.

How to add up to 15-20 hours of training in a week which is already loaded, not losing sight on the things that matter?

How to manage that?

Follow me during the next 8, very intense and busy months…...