My 10  golden tips to get the most out of your time

  1. Get your family onboard - explain your plans so they know and understand and are supportive. 
  2. The early bird catches the wurm. Work out before you start your working day
  3. Leave the car at home - use your racebike to go to work
  4. Use you lunchbrake for a work-out - don't forget to fuel up after!
  5. Pack your running shoes when on a business trip. Hotel with fitness also work miracles…...
  6.  Be flexible - I only plan how many hours I need to do per week -  not what I do, or when I do it.
  7. Listen to your body - get sufficient rest.
  8.  A trainingsplan is what is: a plan, not a must!
  9.  Combine family trips with work-outs. Head home running or by bike
  10.  Try to work-out as much thoughout the week; this way the weekend is what it should be: Family time!