9 Days to go - finished training



9 days to go and finally finished my 33 weeks of training.




First of all I want to thank my wife Nicole and my lovely daughters for allowing me to invest so much time in this crazy project.


If it wasn’t for their support, I wouldn’t be able to even think about participating in the event.




The last couple of weeks were tough, the hours added up to over 15 hours a week and also at work times were busy.


Luckily I managed to put in the hours I initially planned, although I have to admit that towards the end, I sometimes hated going out….


But on the other hand the rides with friends and the runs and rides on the original Gigathlon routes made me understand again why I do this.


Riding with Peter and friends on the heavy road bike tour for Sunday was great and fast. Or the inline morning with Beat around Lake Sarnen.


Or the rainy, wet, slippery run on Sundays running trail, that was a nice one too.


But since last Sunday it is time to relax and reduce the workouts- its tapering time.


This trainings part was officially closed on my birthday, on which I had my last Physio appointment.


No, it wasn’t relaxing, as Bruno always has the talent to find those places which hurt, even if you think you’re OK. But I survived and it did good.




Then quickly to the weather, something which will be a big thing the Gigathlon weekend.


As you guys have been following me for a longer period, you saw that the weather wasn’t great, simply said: too cold and too wet.


Wet in the mountains means snow, as we speak a part of the Saturday bike tour is still covered by this white stuff.


This melting bit by bit also means that the lakes will stay quite cold, something not nice when you need to spend 8 kilometers in it.


Having checked the weather for the coming 10 days I almost couldn’t believe what I saw: extreme heat for the beginning of next week: up to 35 degrees!


This will surely makes the last snow melt and the water in the lakes heat up to a proper temperature. Nice!


Just hope that the weather during the Gigathlon won’t be above this 30 degrees, cross my fingers and hope for the best.




This extra time allows me also to start the final preparations: equipment, food and all what’s needed in 9 days.


First of all I decided to put a brake on my inlines – they’re fast and I really do not have a problem riding: it’s the braking which worries me.


That’s logic as my skates do not have brakes;-)


So I decided to order and attached a brake, just to be on the safe side. You know I am not the only one on the course, there will be probably 250 more of us….


The bike is ready, I will take an extra set of wheels with tires which have a little bit more grip in case the course is wet.


If not, then I will use my fast wheels, as they are…. faster? Well it might be in my head, but this is what I believe, so it’ll do.


For the road bike I will also use 2 sets of wheels. A high profile one for Saturdays flat course and a light one for Sundays mountain course.


On this light wheelset I even mounted a 36 cassette, which will bring me over any mountain ;-)


Yesterday I tested the long wetsuit for a 2.2k swim in lake Sarnen, an easy swim in 45minutes. I will definitely go faster on race day, aiming for 35-40 minutes.


This should be possible without getting exhausted, as this is my normal pace. Glued some small holes afterwards, making sure no water can enter.


For next Friday we, 2 colleagues and I , will do the Swim-run on the original course. Just to check if the shoes, the paddles and the pullbouy will work.


Assuming this will be OK, then the equipment is chosen and tested.




I also made a food plan, simply not to forget anything. Sufficient water, food, gels and bars.


This was all inserted in a plan so my supporter Roman can see what I need and when I need it.


This Sunday he will visit us with his wife and kids for a brunch, so we can discuss the plan and see what is still missing.


As you probably do not know, Roman won the 2 day Gigathlon a couple of years ago – so I couldn’t ask for a better supporter.


Beside his sportive experience, he’s simply a nice guy.




Well, that is it for the moment, me having more time will also help in writing one last time next week, just before the start.




See you al next week!


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