Never been more busy - week 30 of 35




I am writing this on a rainy, cold day at the end of Mai, and I would never thought saying; it’s snowing again in the mountains…….


It simply isn’t the type of weather to go out an become active, but I have this goal, so I need to go.




Last week was an extremely busy week, that’s also why I am also bit late with this blog.


Scheduled were 15 hours of training, but being on a fair in Amsterdam for 3 days, I would be happy to put in at least 10 hours.


After the heavy last week and the half marathon from last Saturday, I had to say that my legs felt still good Monday.


As my flight was scheduled at 12:30 I had time to had breakfast with the kids and while Naora went off to Kindergarten, I brought Amalia to daycare.


Then speeded home for an hour spin on the Zwift, which should be followed by a 1.5 hour run in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam in the afternoon.


Yes, “should have”, because the flight was delayed for almost 2 hours! For me valuable time lost, which meant I got to the Apartment in Amsterdam after 5 in the afternoon.


No time left for a run, but answered some mails and then off for a diner with my colleagues.




Tuesday spent the whole day at the fair and in the evening ran from shop to shop for Storechecks and I also found time to show Marléne the HEMA. ;-)


Diner was very late as while running and metroing (is that a word?) through the city we were starved and after finding the perfect restaurant with unfortunately no Veggie meals left, we found ourselves seated in a guardhouse.


But hey, the found was perfect and one glass of white wine helped finally cool down and get relaxed – I really enjoyed this night, thanks!


Wednesday another day at the fair and after we were able to leave on hour later than scheduled, we made it in time to catch the homebound flight.


Joined on our flight was my customer for the meeting on Thursday, so I taxied here to her hotel in Lucerne, before I made it home and put myself to rest at 1 o’clock at night.


Thursday I had a whole day meeting and after taking her back to the train station in Lucerne went home; tired of working……not of doing sports…..


In the evening I went for a little over an hour on the mountain bike, just to loosen up my legs and more important; clear my head….




Only 3 days to go and only 2.5 hours on the counter, that is never going to become 15…..




Friday I had a day off and decided to combine running, biking and race bike as finally the weather was on my side. 4.5 hours later I was tired but satisfied; I’m back.


Nicole was so nice to let me also workout during the weekend, as I was still 8 hours short of my goal.


Finally, after a long bike ride on Saturday, a race bike tour and a swim on Sunday, the counter stopped at 12 hours – a number which felt impossible to reach Wednesday evening.  


The swim on Sunday was accompanied by my 3 girls. Amalia having great fun in the kids pool and Naora showing me proudly what she learned in her swim course.


It is moments like this I learned to appreciate much more as I am putting myself under such a strict program, that just sitting down and do nothing feels great…..  




So, only 5 weeks left. Next week I will try to put in more than 15 hours, with a day off on Thursday but the weather being crazy like this I’m not sure if that will work….


Keep my fingers crossed.


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