Trainingscamp KOS - week 27 of 35


Time is moving towards D-Day, I actually should be counting the weeks to go, which are only 8…..


This week was the last block of this period, so at least 15 hours were to be invested which I managed easily.




The plan was easy and simple: take it easy at the beginning of the week and then head-off to Kos for 2.5 trainings days under the sun.


The week started off  by an hour on the Zwift, yes, indoors as the weather still plays crazy and its definitely too cold for the time of year.


Tuesday had a work-out in the corporate fitness, which really is a perfect way to have a good session in a minimum of time: workout, shower, quick lunch and then back to work.


In the evening I went for the first bike tour with friends, something we plan every summer season on Tuesday eve.


The level is easy, especially at this time for me getting fitter every week, but it is necessary to also have some base training and I really like to go out with my friends on these tours.


This time Luki and Bruno went, so it was the three of us and I was very happy that Luki had some spare longer leg warmers, as it was really cold….thanks!


Raced home as I needed to watch Ajax beat Tottenham in the champions league; what a great first half.




Wednesday, being my last working day of the week, I came home and went for a short interval uphill.


Only for half an hour, to get the legs awake for the days to come. Surprisingly this resulted in my first running KOM, for a segment I didn’t even knew existed.


Ok, have to be fair, I was the fourth one running through, but hey, a KOM is a KOM right?


I quickly showered, then played with the girls as I wouldn’t be seeing them in 3 days.


Then packed and went to bed early, as the alarm was set at 4:00 AM.




These trainingsdays were already planned in November, and I was really looking forward to them.


Short before, Peter, a colleague who also participates as a single athlete decided to join, so I wouldn’t be alone which was great.


By flying early morning we were ready to start early afternoon with the first session: the swim-run.


As the sea was a little bit too rough and wavy, we started for a 1.1k run, followed by a 10 minute swim in the pool, then run, swim, run…swim…..yes that’s why they call it swim-run..;-)


My swimming outfit was perfect, the zipper on the front was handy to open and the choice of shoes were good. Running at a 5 minute pace was very fast, but it felt good.


After the swim-run we got ready for the sunset tour on the bike, a route I did in the past many times, ending up on TamTam beach, an insider on KOS.


Rode home, had a good diner and went to bed early as 2 longs days were ahead.




The next morning started with a great Champion breakfast on the balcony, before heading to the sea for the morning swim.


As it was still too wavy, we had to quit after 10 minutes and decided to swim in the afternoon in the pool.


Then it was time to prepare the bikes, gear up the food and drinks and start rounding the Island. This great tour up and down trails, rocky roads and easy parts was just what I needed.


The counter stopped a little over 100k and 1’500 meters of climbing – all-in-all a five and a half hour bike-tour.


Back in the apartment we changed and got ready for a half an hour run; once again the pace at 5min/km, why? Both of us didn’t have the answer…….


After the run we went to the hotel for an easy swim in the pool, as another day was coming up.


The diner was great again, fresh food, salads, pasta, omelets; the waitress was astound that we could eat that much of food; it is “too much” she said.


Little did she knew we burned almost 5000Kcal that days ;-)




The next morning we got up and decided to start off with the bike ride. This was for me a small highlight, as I finally found the single trails in the Dikeos mountains I was searching for for many years.


The GoPro did a great job and made some nice pics and movies.


50K and 1000meters later we had a short stop at Anthony’s vineyard, a place I like, especially knowing him for many years and simply also because he does have some great wines. (which we didn’t taste by the way) Back in the apartment I packed the bike in the bag and went for a run, this time at an easier pace, all around Marmari, ending up for Peter with a dive on the sea.


After a this last swim, we packed, had a great fish diner at TamTam before heading to the airport for the flight back home.


On the flight the pilot announced low temperatures and snow – welcome home!




Sunday the girls jumped on the bed even before 8 o’clock, but I didn’t mind, as I also missed them.


No sports today, as I was still tired and instead I spent almost all day playing with them, making diner and oh yes, unpacked and cleaned the bike.


The week was over, almost 17 hours and a great time with Peter; Thanks!




Ready for an easy week, time to get loaded again……..




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