Holidays! week 26 of 35

This week turned out to be a nice one: first of all time with the family and inbetween time to exercise a bit more than ususal.

Monday, still being Easter monday, we packed and were ready to spend one night in Engelberg in a nice family hotel.  We drove off in the morning, Nicole,  the kids and Heidi dropped me off in Oberdorf. Oberdorf is the beginning of the valley leading into Engelberg. It is also a part of the running part of the Gigathlon day 1, so a test to see how the run would be. The weather was perfect and I wore my running vest, with water and sport Food just to see of that would work. I thought I would run roughly 3 to 3.5 Hours, as running up to Engelberg didn't seem easy. Running along the Engelberger Aa, the forest and over the hanging bridges, took my mind of the running itself. The last, steeper part I also passed some biker Groups, making me feeling even better. To my astonishing, the clock stopped at 2:20, Engelberg was already there. 22 K with 600 meters of running uphill, much faster than I tought I would be.

After a nice lunch, the girls came and we had a nice afternoon in the hotel pool. Naora and Amalia had a lot of fun on the slides and in the water.

The next day, I took the bike out of the car for a drive home. Down the Engelberger valley, passed the Vierwaldstätter lake, turned left in Hergiswil for a ride uphill to Fräkmuntegg. Then down to Krienseregg, Hergiswald, Littau and back home. Total of 3,5 hours and a little over 1'200 meters of climbing. Nice to invest a bit more time in longer workout sessions. Wednesday I got up very early for a morning swim - I made it home before while the rest was still asleep ;-)

Later that morning had a short relaxed run to loosen up the legs after the last 2 days.

Thursdaymorning the girls were at Heidi's place, so Nicole and I had some time for us which we filled by running around the Sempachersee. Nicole is also training for the Sempachersee half Marathon the third week of May, so this long jog was perfect for the both of us.

The week off also meant to get things done around the house and not to Forget: Change the winter tires back to the summer ones. Beside the summer tires I also took my inline skates along, as this was the perfect wait to fill in the waiting hour to get the tires swapped. This added another hour to this week.

Friday I had to work, as they scheduled me for attending the LUGA fair in Lucerne. Nicole and the Girls also came along and they were surprised by the Variety of the stands and spent a so much time, that I was able to drive home with them. After making diner and bringing the Kids to bed I packed my swimming bag for the second swim session of this week.

The highlight of my week was on Saturday morning: a Daddy morning bouldering in Kriens. The Kids really enjoyed the climbing and they did very well. A great morning and they were very proud of themselves: as was I. 

In the afternoon I took the bike for another spin and the week was completed by an hour on the Swift on Sunday afternoon.

A great week, Training and Family time, I really enjoyed it. The counter stopped a little under 15 Hours, just as I scheduled ;-)

Next week a week of only 3 working days, then off to Kos for a 2.5 full day trainingscamp, so looking forward to that!

CU all next week!



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