Backpain - week 22 of 35


Finished week 21, now its summertime!




The weather is getting better, temperatures are increasing, but most of all the summertime is there.


This means for the coming period more time to go outside in the evening and invest a couple of more hours of needed workouts.




To evaluate last week, I have to take you back to the Saturday before.


The first real nice day of the year also means that it is time to work in the garden and prepare that for the coming season.


Well, this additional workout in the garden was felt by me until the middle of this week – I had a sore back, so I took it easy.


The thought of making this 12-hour week into a rest-week was in my mind until the middle the week, as I really felt “old”.




Anyway, on Monday I tried to loosen up in the corporate gym, by some low intensity core sessions and a half an hour of yoga – but without any effect.


Tuesday I took a workout-free day and Wednesday late afternoon went for 50 minutes on the bike, already felt like my back was loosening up again.


Thursday early morning I had a more intense power session in the gym, not forgetting my core stability.


Late afternoon I was ready for a steady negative split run, picking up Nicole’s car from the garage.


She brought the car for the tire change in the morning, then she ran back. I ran in the evening to pick the car up from the garage, combining the necessary with the pleasure


This run well very well, had a negative split per 6k, where even the second half went a bit more uphill, so really pleasantly surprised.


Friday had a seminar the whole day – sitting, discussing an taking notes, more interesting than I initially thought.


The advantage was that I didn’t need to be in the office that early, time I invested in sitting on the home-trainer with my Zwift friends at 05:12 in the morning.


Well I can tell you this, the roads are quite empty in Watopia at that time of day. ;-)


The other nice thing about leaving home later is that fact that we all sat together for breakfast in the morning, something normally never happens during the week.




As I felt on a stroll, the idea of a rest-week already was out of my mind, so I added an hour of swim in the evening.




The weather on Saturday was nice again, so I took the girls to buy fruits and vegetable for the garden, which we planted with great fun.


In the afternoon I called Roman if he would like to accompany me on a race-bike ride in the afternoon, which he did: thank you for that.


I added another loop after he went, setting the counter for this week at a little over 8 hours.


Highlight of the week was definitely the ride with Naora to the swimming pool, as it was her first “long” bike ride and she was really having fun on the track along the lakeside.


She smiled and was very proud riding that far and I really felt as proud as she did.


After a 45-minutes swimming session Nicole took the girls home and I took the bike for an additional spin, setting the total for this week at 10:25 – a not expected time if you’d ask me at the beginning of the week.




Now it is time to start the last week of this block.


A week which includes a 3 day business trip to Athens where the goal is to at least do some running and maybe even a swim in the Olympic pool.


Instead of flying home on Thursday, I’ll take one day off,  hop on over to KOS and do some training under the sun…..I so looking forward ;-)




See you all next week


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