Highest weekly effort - week 21 of 35


The toughest week until now lies behind me.


Last week my schedule told me a 12 hour week lies ahead, but work also told me to put in the hours.


So that meant that I had to look for any “gaps” in which I could squeeze in a work-out and increase the intensities, just in case I wouldn’t make the 12 hour mark.


Then I would at least put in more effort which is also effective…..


Monday started with a ride on Zwift with my Australian friends from AHDR in the evening.


Tuesday the weather was great and I had an early run on the track and did some intervals at higher speeds followed by an easy hour on the indoor bike in the evening.


As I was going on a business trip to Milan in Thursday and Friday, I went home earlier on Wednesday for a late afternoon on the bike.


The first longer ride of 3 hours and a little over 1300 meters of climbing, this felt great as the weather was still nice, sunny and about 13 degrees.


The train ride to Milan on Thursday morning was fine, although the lack of phone signal made it impossible to work in the train.


First there were the bad connections as the train spent, most of the time on Swiss soil in tunnels and it was the bad connections in Italy due to…. I really don’t know.


But after being behind at checking mails, I knew that the long run in Milan would become a short one as work can’t wait.


The meeting started at 13:00, where they first took us out for lunch. I just had lunch before at 12:00 as I was hungry….so again lost 1.5 hour’s time pretending I was hungry……


Anyway, the meeting actually started at 14:30 and took until almost 18:00. Then I literally ran to the hotel, changed into my running gear and headed for a half an hour run in the park.


Back to the hotel where I took my laptop to the restaurant and finished a lot of work in between the courses.


At least the wine was good……


Friday morning the time didn’t allow a short run, as I really didn’t want to miss my train back home.


After another laptop and internet free ride home in the train I came home around 15:00.  The sun shining it was time to race around the lake on my TT bike, just wanted to let the anger out…..


Friday evening the counter was at a little over 8 hours, still an impossible 4 to go.


Saturday spend the whole morning in the garden and then went with the girls to swimming. In the afternoon I got dressed for a short run, although I was really tired.


Going for a run when you’re tired is no fun, so after 4 minutes I turned and went home – not motivated….back into the garden to at least finish that.


Sunday morning I refuelled and went for a 14k run in the morning and in the afternoon we had a family stroll in Lucerne.


I took my bike along an biked home for an hour and enjoyed the warmth of the sun in the spring.


All-in-all I didn’t finish the 12 hours week as scheduled, but the counter stopped just under the 11 hour mark.


The effort this week was by far the highest of all 21 weeks of training – at least that…..


Now ready for another intense 12 hour week…..


See you next week


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