Back on track - week 20 of 35


After one week of taking it easy, it was time for the next level, the second half of the preparation for the big event.


In that perspective it is key to increase not only the hours, but also the intensities.


This doesn’t mean that I have to push each training to the max, but some workouts at higher intensities will do miracles.


Weeks of 10-15 hours a week will automatically mean that some days I have to do doubles – 2 workouts a day




Monday started off with a day like that; a run at lunchbreak and an indoor bike ride in the evening.


Although it was windy an snowy during running, it felt great to run after a week of taking it easy.


Tuesday was a busy day at work and I didn’t manage to do a “double”, so I spent another eve on the bike inside.


On Thursday I had a long day ahead, so no time for workouts and as I planned a 10-hour week, I did another double on Wednesday: a run in the early morning and a core workout at lunchbreak.


Then took it easy in the evening as the alarm went off at 04:15 on Thursday morning, which was the start of a very interesting day in Austria, a seminar in a small town close to Vienna. Came home at 22:00 with my mind fuelled and my body wrecked – I’m no longer used to days like this – sitting and not moving around when by body screams for it.   


Friday evening went on the bike for a power hour and then off to bed, as Saturday morning “sportycereal” was invited to do some workouts in the morning: helping a friend moving to their new place. Didn’t monitor this workout, but by the feeling of my sore arms in the evening, it must have been a good one for my arms and upper body.;-)


Sunday, the weather was sunny and the bike took me out for a longer trip in the morning, completing my 10 hour week. It felt so good being on the bike outside. Not only the heat of the sun warming up my legs, but also the difference between real riding and riding on the taxc. Those rides indoors are double power workouts. Indoors, you do not feel the riding wind, cooling off your body. For me it means that I sweat like the Niagra falls, 2 towels are often not enough. Secondly, indoors you need to push all the time, as you do not need to brake for cars, pedestrians. riding downhill outdoors, you can easily loosen up the legs and hold still for a moment. Some say that an hour indoor equalls 1.5 hour outdoors.....


Next week I scheduled a 12 hour week and a 2 days business trip to Milan. Hope the time allows and the weather is OK enough for a sunny run in the SanSiro area.


See you all next week!


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