Holiday time - week 19 of 35

Instead of the scheduled 12 hour week, I decided to squeeze in a rest week.

School Holidays for the kids and it was time for our long planned, earned winter holiday in the Swiss alps.

Booked an Apartment for a whole week on the slopes, sleeping at almost 2'000 meters above sea level. Great to spend a whole week with the Family!

The kids went dore their first ski lesssons and they did great -  being located directly on the slopes also meant that the kids are so close to their ski School and at lunchbreak we could easily go back to the apartment for lunch or to warm up.

The weather was quite OK, we had some sun, snow and even a real heavy storm. And on that night we went out for diner and had to walk back in the dark afterwards: the wind blowing at 128km/hour. This's 12 Beaufort! Made it back home, a great experience, not only for the kids.

My sportive week was quite easy, a snow run for almost an hour at the beginning of the week and at the end the FTP-test on the bike. Inbetween we went for skiing an hiking - nothing monitored or measured. Sleeping at this altitude should also do miracles for your red blood cells. No, no, I did not tap of a litre of blood which is now in our fridge ;-)   At the end I did some sports, but mostly enjoyed the easy times: sleeping and resting. Oh yes, and of course some time off from work. Now that easy week has passed, time to get focussed on the next blocks.

The next blocks will be 10 to 15 hours and at a higher intensity, running at higher paces and if the weahter allows, spend some time on the bike outside.

Yes, I know, this is quite a short blog, but there is really not much more to tell - I will be back next week!


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