Start of block 5 - week 17 of 35

The start of the next block; more hours and all workouts at a higher intensity.

Although it is winter, the sunshine and perfect weather helps to head outside for training. Monday I put on my running gear for a hour run at lunchbrake. But while running it felt so easy and before I knew it, I ran a lap  around the lake. Counter stopped at 1 hour 34.... Pleased with the time and the fact that I ran around the lake this early in the year.

Tuesday had a early morning workout in the fitness, mainly core and power, followed by a nice evening race with my Aussie friends on Zwift. This AHDR- rides are great fun, good group rides at a nice pace - and with this I mean my pace. No racing, but just steady.

On Wednesday we celebrated Naora's birthday's children party.  I promised that like every year on  the girls birthdays, I'd be home in the afternoon.

But as the girls were having a "girly" party, Daddy wasn't needed for a couple of hours. So for 2.5  hours I had my own party on my bike - great fun and a longer ride outside.

Thursday as well as Friday were very busy days at work and I didn't manage to find any gap for a workout inbetween.

But with the counter already at 6 hours, only 2 hours needed to be filled in the weekend. Nicole went for skiing on Saturdaymorning, so the girls had a daddy day, which we filled with playing, cooking and baking the chocolate cake for Amalia's birthday party on Sunday.   After Nicole came home I went for 2 runs; one with Naora, for a 2.5K run to Kindergarten and back , followed by a 12.5k run - not 5 times to Kindergarten, but a longer loop around Neuenkirch.

Sundaymorning finished the weekend off by half an hour swim together with the girls. It was Amalia's first swim in the deep end and Naora showed me her backstroke skills, making me a very proud dad. 

In the afternoon pre-celebrated Amalia's birthday party, as next friday, we will be packing for our skiweek out in the mountains.

Looking forward to that since a long time!

But first a 10 hour workout week lies ahead........

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