Rest week: SKI! -week 16 of 35

This week was already planned for a long time.

Scheduled only 6 hours this week it was an easy week, after the last 3 weeks of putting in more hours.

Monday started off with a  ride on the Zwift in the evening, followed by an hour of core and stability workout at Tuesday. By doing these core workouts I really can feel the stability and power increasing and the stretching afterwards loosens up the muscles again.

Wednesday afternoon I took half a day off, to enjoy the sun for a nice run around my hometown, followed by a ride on the bike indoor.

These first 3 days added up to already 4.5 hours, so I could take off for skiing, knowing only 1.5 hour was pending.

Austria welcomed us on Thursday with perfect skiing conditions, weather that also lasted on Friday and Saturday.

I really enjoyed the mountains, sun and the weekend with the boys. Took it easy on the alcohol and food, it really does work keeping it within certain borders. ;-)

It was also great to take of the watch and not let time guide you throughout the day. I even managed to not think about work for a couple of days. You're never too old to learn.  Drove home on Saturday late afternoon after 3 days of sun, snow and fun. I did not count the skiing as workouts, but keeping up with the better skiiers was felt by a nice burning in my legs......

Sunday we already celebrated the birthday of Naora, she already turns 6 this week. How time flies.....

In the morning the sun and blue skies shouted for a bikeride outside - the first one this year.  Although the temperatures shown a nice 10 degrees, riding in the cold shadows and the woods was still quite tricky, as some roads were still covered snow and ice

The counter stopped this week at 5.5 hours, officially a litte bit less than schudeled, but hey, I didn't count the 3 days of skiiing.

Now the next block starts and this week the forecast only shows sun!

Gonna be a great week!



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