More hours - week 13 of 35

Hi there.

To start of by wetting something straigth: I mentioned that the next weeks would be 7,8 and 9 hours; well I was wrong. 

The hours I planned were 8, then followed by a 10 and and 12 week.. A little more than I reckoned, but it should be manageble. The struggle at this time of year to squeeze in these hours if the fact that the evenings are too cold an dark. It is simply not a lot of fun to head outside for a 3 hour bike ride.

Anyway, then it is time to see what we can do, right?

This week I had a total of 9 sessions, nicely devided amongs running, biking, swimming and fitness which added up to 8 hours and 10 minutes, nice on track.

I try to swim at least 2 hours a week and swim 5k per week. This will keep my Swimming level up there where I want it,  not using a lot of energy and still being able to swim at a nice pace. The goal at the gigathlon will also be to not waste energy during the swimming, but get out feeling energized for the next part.

Beside the swimming goals, I also have a running goal, which should lie above 20k a week for the moment. Later on, the distances, but more important the ascents will be higher, more climbing and higher distances will be needed to somehow stay comfartable at the Gigathlon saturdays 27k run uphill.

On the bike I try to reach at least 3 hours per week, currently only indoors. This week I participated in my first Zwift race, it won't be my last. In a field of 170 bikers I came in 7th...… I know it's only a "game" but you're really racing and measuring yourself with others. The downside is that you automatically push yourself a bit over your comfort zone; luckily the race only lasted for 40k. 

Today I finished my week with a 10k run to my mother-in-law: she prepared a nice lunch. Nicole and the girls came by car. These kind of combinations, not driving but running to where we go as a family are a great solution to make the best out of the family time and it is something we often do.

This week I will be out of office for a day to attend a Food-fair in Germany, but I am confident that even then, I will also meet this weeks 10 hour plan.

Have a nice week and see you next week!





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