Easy week - week 12 of 35

This is the 3rd easy week and the end of block 3. The winter arrived and the temperatures are accordingly low. 

The week started off with a trip in the virtual world of Zwift: for those of you who are not accustomed to this world, it is like a computer game where you ride in one of the 4 virtual reality worlds on your hometrainer. RIde uphil- the ride is getting harder. Riding downhill - the ride is getting easier.  After the ride time to pack my suitcase for the Business trip to Oslo. Didn't forget to check the wheater app, telling me it was smart to pack my warmest running gear and also my long thermal underwear for under my suit. Tuesday morning, after breakfast with the Kids, there was still an hour for an easy ride on the Zwift. A ride in London, funny as my plane for Oslo was scheduled to leave at noon. Checked in in the hotel, checked my mails, a diner and the off to bed.

Wednesday morning a really early diner, then time for a long run to the Peninsula of Bogdoy. Started in a snowstorm, -5 Degrees felt a lot colder though . During the run the storm settled and it didn't snow anymore. Running in this city always nice, summer- and wintertime. 

Then a nice hot shower, followed by a 3 hour meeting and a business diner to close off this day. The next day I didn't manage to go the the hotel fitness, as some calls and mails took more time than needed. Even so much time that I just made the train to the airport in order to catch my return flight. Thursday finished the day with some hours working at home.

Friday being the last day of the week, with a lot of important things to arrange and organise at work,  I spent a lot of time in the office and managed to get almost all work  done. The weekend then only needed 1 hour and 20 minutes for workout - which I did Sunday afternoon.

Now it is time to start the next block: with 7 , 8 and a 9 hour week. Ready to get fitter!

See you all next week!


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