Final sprint towards X-Mas (week 8 of 35)

No, with sprinting towards X-Mas I didn't mean the sportive sprints. 

It was the last working week of the year, so time to wrap up. Normally a week in the office, close some projects, clean up and look at the final figures.

This year a large project to be launched next summer, needed more attention. I even needed to make a business trip the last week before Christmas.

As I needed to go by car, I decided to leave on Monday eve and take a hotel on the road, instead leaving on Tuesdaymorning. You never know what the weather is like this time of year. After succesfully finishing the meetings on Tuesday, time to check in into the hotel. An hour of fitness and off into the sauna....

This week, being an easy week I allowed myself to relax this way.

Drove to the office on Wednesday, had some more meetings and  already lined up the "to-dos" from the meeting.

Thursday time for a work-out on the cross-trainer followed by a heavy core workout.  Drove home, a quick diner and then off to the pool. Naora needed to learn to "back arrow" : swimming on the back, arms straight and only peddle the legs. After some tries, she passed the 7 meter mark and decided to swim across the whole pool! Daddy proud! Highlight of the week! She's ready for the test on saturdays lessions to proceed to level 3 next year.

Friday the last day at work, had a look at the final figures and drove home with a smile on my face. 2 weeks family time!

Friday had a bike session on Zwift. The workout was for an hour peddling at 115 watts….almost fell asleep.;-) 

Saturday didn't feel like working out, being still an easy week I allowed myself to do a little bit less than the scheduled 5 hours scheduled. Hey, it's almost Christmas!

Sunday went for another session on the Zwift and spend some time playing with the girls.

This week I will also have a look at the possibility for a short trainingsweek(end) next year. Last years 2-days trip to Kos was great. 2 days 7+ Hours Training a day and focussing only on this, gave a huge boost and paid off.  

But first it's time for Christmas and next week 6 Hours scheduled. That should be easy......


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