Busy week - no sports weekend!

Sunday, coffee time.

This week the goal was to reach 6 hours in only 5 days. 

Nicole would be away for a girls weekend out, so 2 daddy days at the weekend would mean no time for workouts. So I decided to squeeze all 6 hours in 5 days. 


The main problem this week was that my Polar V800 sportwatch decided to strike again. The 3rd one in only 4 years(!!). After contacting Polar,they told me to send it in for repair, along with the 2 heartrate belts. So the workouts these week were all not monitored. That means these sessions are also not added to my workload - thank you Polar….;-(. Hope they'll return it soon.


Started the week off with almost 1.5 hour on the race bike, following Robert Gesink on the tacx. With an uphill up to 15%, this wasn't an easy session, althoug it was only 19K. Time flew, this is really a nice way of spinning.

Tuesday I really would've tried inlining again, but as it was raining cats and dogs, I preferred to stay inside for an hour in the gym. Did half an hour cardio, followed by specific skate power exercises. I really needed those, as the muscle pain the next 2 days stated ;-)

On Wednesday I went for another power hour on the bike and finally on Thursday it was time for a another brake and stop test on the inline skates. And yes! Again I made it through without any injuries. I really need to get better at that, as the during the second day at the Gigathlon, there are some fact descends on those inlines. Fridaymorning the counter was at 4:20, so still at least 1:40 to squeeze in one day.  Friday eve, we had our annual Christmas diner at work, I planned a core workout just before that, so late afternoon. During lunch had an hour run, which felt great as my muscle pain and sore legs were gone.

The Weekend was great. After the swimminglessons of Naora at lunchtime, we were invited by Mäsi for a daddy-kids pasty Party followed by a disco Party! The kids had fun and so did we.  Beer, wine, and Party. 


Emphazising on inline this week and especailly those power sessions for the legs weren't easy,  paid off. Getting into shape!

The downside this week was that due to the lack of time during the week, I didn't make it to the pool.

So I will try to head to the pool next week at least 2 times.


Next week will be the last week of block 2. That week will be a week of 7 Hours, before the next easy week of 5 Hours comes along. 

I can feel I am getting fitter, the running goes smoother and  I also feel better. 


See you next week!

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