YES: I'm in!

Signed up and paid; now there is no way back.


Beside me, also one colleugue from work signed in, Christian who is also up for the 2nd try. Beat is still not sure, as he still needs to get fit first.

He already finished one Gigathlon as a single athlete and being so close to home, this year it his chance on a 2nd finish. 


After the programm got revealed I was quite happy: a lot of swimming and really nice stages.

Almost 400 kilometers and over 8'000 meters of climbing.

A lot of the stages are so close to home and work that for sure I will be able to train on exact those stages, prior to the event.

The road stage on Sunday is up the Glaubenberg, then Entlebuch and passing Sörenberg up to the Glaubenbielen, 2 mountainpasses I know very well. And Sarnen being the main place, makes it easier for Nicole and the kids to cheer me on. 

All the stages can be found by follwing this link:


Knowing the stages and the date it was time to make the trainingsplan. As I need to flexible, my plan works simple: I'm planning the hours per week I need to invest. This already gives a good direction, as I really need to stay flexible, as I know from last year, this is the only way to make it work. The first weeks will be easy, making my body get used to the work-outs, focussing the first 4 weeks mainly to getting back in the flow, some hours in the water and on the inlines.


Time to start, really anxious and stoked. 




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